Whether it is police, fire and rescue, or ambulance services, the responders are attempting to arrive at the destination as quickly and as safely as possible. In order to progress through traffic, public safety vehicles are equipped with warning systems to alert both nearby pedestrians and the drivers of nearby passenger vehicles. These warning systems are required to contain a minimum amount of both visual and audio warning cues.


An audio warning system is comprised of siren sounds designed to alert drivers and pedestrians before the emergency vehicle comes into sight, which in turn permits more time to take the proper course of action. The descriptive term for the sounds produced from these vehicles is Emergency Vehicle Siren Noise (EVSN).


Sirens are an important tool for public service workers and operators of emergency vehicles.  At GLOBAL, we are proud to offer a variety of sirens, speakers and switching options to customize your vehicle to fit your needs. You will see that our emergency vehicle sirens have features that can be set to match any application. For example, you might adjust the volume or sound depending on the level of traffic that you are dealing with or program switches to power your warning lights on the same platform as your siren system.

GLOBAL offers only high-performance sirens and speakers. We only offer products designed for and using the best materials required to operate in extreme environments and will stand the test of time. At GLOBAL we listen to our customers' requests to work with our manufacturer partners to develop the products that will best suit their applications. Electronic assemblies are electronically tested and visually inspected for quality workmanship. Metal products are manufactured to provide excellent ergonomic installation. Each siren system is diligently examined to ensure strength, reliability, and safety.  We provide vehicle and mission specific sirens and speakers that include:



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