GLOBAL Public safety is leading the way in integrating drones and public safety vehicles.  We have designed and built advanced aerial platforms for customers in defense, public safety, and commercial industries. We deliver the latest in drone technology integrated into your mission critical vehicles.  Whether your need is for autonomous or controlled flight, we offer the best brands.


Public safety professionals overseeing major events, and first responders arriving in response to incidents all need accurate, timely information. Helicopters are expensive to operate and not always immediately available. Manned aircraft must maintain a safe distance during active incidents. Public safety professionals need long term vigilance to spot trouble as it happens. First responders lose precious time when trying to fully assess a critical situation. Without immediate situational awareness and intelligence, these dedicated staff face the unknown, which can lead to injury or loss of life.


We offer UAS's INTEGRATED into vehicles, that provides immediate situational awareness during critical events. Systems can be deployed within 5 minutes and fly indefinitely, gaining critical intelligence. Real-time video can stream over a high-speed secure link to the incident commander, providing unparalleled situational visibility. Response personnel can be kept at a safe distance while the threat is assessed, and directed to optimal placement as the situation changes. Payloads can include high-definition and thermal imaging cameras, secure supplemental communication, or hazardous material sensors.

·         Tactical Operations            

·         Fire Investigations & Assessments

·         Criminal Pursuit

·         Search & Rescue Operations

·         Crowd Control

·         Emergency Response

·         Traffic Investigations                                                                                                    

·         Forensics

·         CBRNE - Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear and Explosives

·         Border Patrol

·         Traffic Management

·         SWAT

·         Explosive Disposal Unit

·         Emergency Response Team

·         Hazardous Material Operations

·         Crime Scene Investigation

·         Conservation Enforcement

·         VIP Protection

·         Criminal Intelligence

·         Disaster Response

·         Prevention of Attacks

·         Surveillance Missions

·         Narcotics Investigations

·         Suspect and Vehicle Tracking


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