Law Enforcement Vehicle Upfitting

Global Public Safety is your preferred choice for law enforcement vehicle integration. We provide upfitting services for law enforcement, Public safety, police and emergency cars/vehicles for:

  • Ford Explorer Interceptor
  • Chevy Tahoe Police Vehicle
  • Dodge Charger Police Vehicle
  • Customized Vehicles

Integration and Installation Services

Global Public Safety installs all major brands of law enforcement vehicle equipment. From light bars to skid plates, we carry all the equipment you need. We only install equipment that ensures safe and efficient vehicles use while incorporating the latest technological advances. We provide strict quality control and comprehensive services which include:

  • Emergency Lighting Sales and Installation
  • Push Bar, Skid Plate and Brush Guard Sales and Installation
  • Rear Seat Partition Sales and Installation
  • Prisoner Rear Seat System Sales and Installation
  • K-9 Transport System Sales and Installation
  • Window and Vehicle Armor Sales and Installation
  • Gun Rack Sales and Installation
  • Trunk Tray and Trunk Storage Box Sales and Installation
  • Siren and Intercom System Sales and Installation
  • Speed Radar System Sales, Installation, Repair and Certification (Stalker and MPH)
  • In-Vehicle Video System Sales, Integration and Installation
  • Vehicle Ground Radar Surveillance and Detection System Sales, Integration, and Installation
  • Professional Graphics Sales and Installation
Products and Services We Use

Offering complete law enforcement vehicle solutions requires the skills and products of many different suppliers. That's why GLOBAL has carefully selected best-of-breed industry leaders as our preferred partners providing the world's premier products and services in their respective areas.

GLOBAL provides rugged, mobile technology solutions, total vehicle upfitting, outfitting and tactical consulting for public safety, law enforcement, police, emergency agencies, government entities and branches of the US military. Our products and services are designed to streamline procurement processes and offer maximum functionality in the day to day operations of our clients. Global equips government agencies with the necessary rugged mobile hardware, wireless technology, tactical gear and training programs to allow personnel to properly serve their agencies and the public they protect. Through our strategic relationships with world class companies, GLOBAL services federal, state and local government with first rate technology and unmatched customer service. GLOBAL is the preferred choice for mobile data solutions and complete vehicle upfitting packages featuring the following products and manufacturers:

  • Panasonic Rugged toughbooks
  • Panasonic Arbitrator mobile video systems
  • Vehicle mobile data mounting solutions by Precision, Gamber Johnson and Havis
  • Vehicle GPS and AVL packages by Panasonic
  • Emergency lighting systems by SoundOff, Whelen, Code 3 and 911.EP
  • Push bars, skid plates and brush guards by Pro-Gard and Setina
  • Window and Vehicle armour by Angel Armor and Pro-Gard
  • SlikTix printer/scanner solutions by Global Public Safety
  • Printer solutions by Brotrher, HP and Pentax
  • Mobile scanner solutions by L-Tron
  • Integrated vehicle command and control systems

These are the GLOBAL Advantages


Protecting the public means protecting agency personnel as well. GLOBAL's vehicle installations are checked and re-checked by certified technicians at every step of the way to ensure maximum protection from potential hazards. At GLOBAL, we are committed to building vehicles capable of withstanding the extreme demands of public safety use.


GLOBAL's"mobile office" philosophy means that rugged hardware and mobile data solutions are installed for maximum comfort and functionality. GLOBAL is sensitive to the human engineering aspect of its services and makes sure that installations meet and exceed standards for aesthetics, ease of use and productivity.


Public safety personnel put their lives on the line each day and it is crucial that their vehicles perform at their peak at all times. GLOBAL's partnerships with the industry's top manufacturers, such as Panasonic, Pro-Gard, Precision and Whelen ensure that only the best components are installed in its vehicles.


GLOBAL guarantees the quality of its work and the integrity of the components it installs. By using marine-grade components and by utilizing all available factory channels for cabling, GLOBAL's technicians have easier access to problem areas when repairs are necessary. Keeping vehicles on the road and performing to their maximum abilities is crucial to public safety operations.


GLOBAL is a one-stop shop for upfitting and that means components that are installed properly the first time. A commitment to standardized installations procedures, as opposed to excessive customization and complicated schematics, is what separates GLOBAL from the competition. By adhering to uniform design standards, GLOBAL's vehicles spend more time serving agencies and less time in the repair shop.

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