The Horry County (S.C.) Police Department unveiled a new Caiman high-mobility armored vehicle this week obtained on a no-cost loan through the federal 1033 surplus military property program.


The vehicle, called "Rescue One," would serve as an armored rescue vehicle, Police Chief Saundra Rhodes said. It can accommodate 10 tactical officers during transportation operations; cross rivers with a depth of 3 feet; drive over large obstacles and debris; and enable rescue from rooftops, according to the agency.


Rescue One will be used for rescues during flooding and hurricanes to transport injured or stranded victims as well as doctors and emergency personnel. Its armor also makes it useful in the event of active shooter situations to keep its occupants safe and allows officers to approach dangerous areas safety without having to wait for special equipment.


The armored vehicle can withstand explosive blasts, and will enable bomb technicians to get closer to an explosive device.

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