Our Push Bumper offerings are designed with maximum safety features and options in mind. We offer Push Bumper customization for your agency's specific needs and providing the best in strength, durability, visibility and protection. They range in size and form, and are composed of welded steelaluminium tubing, poly carbonate and polyethylene materials 


Push Bumpers protect your vehicle from front collisions, whether an accidental collision with a large animal in rural roads, or an intentional collision with another vehicle during a PIT maneuver.  Prompt removal of disabled vehicles from traffic patterns can greatly reduce the chances of additional accidents occurring. The addition of a Push Bumper allows for their safe and easy removal. All our Push Bumpers are designed with wear and tear in mind with rugged steel design that allows officers to softly push stranded vehicles to safety without fear of compromising the bumper structure or vehicle fascia.


Push Bumpers also give a platform to mount highly visible, front scene lighting for an accident scene or traffic stop. Push Bumpers offer the perfect platform for agencies to secure a much desired, driver eye-level lighting to their vehicles quickly and easily. Fleets can opt for integrated LED lighting or utilize their own preferred lighting using pre-drilled slots and holes which accommodate the most popular mounting patterns in the industry.

Skid Plates prevent costly damages to a vehicle’s undercarriage by protecting the vehicles transmission, exhaust manifold, and oil pan from the daily grind of pulling onto the shoulder, high-speed pursuits, cutting through or pushing stranded vehicles off of medians. Global only works with manufacturers of skid plates that have been tested to the highest standards and certifications.

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