GLOBAL offers a wide range of Gun Racks from weapon and vehicle specific to non-vehicle specific versions that work in a wide range of vehicles.   Our offerings accommodating the most commonly used law enforcement weapons. Most models are adjustable for proper weapon seating and are attached with specially constructed mounting hardware, which allows for quick and easy installation. Each locking device comes complete with a timer delay, activation switch and mechanical key override. The locking device assembly provided with your order will be determined by your specified weapon of choice.


We provide Gun Racks made from  durable steel, aluminum and poly carbonate utilizing the latest in machinery for consistency and reliability. All Gun Racks are designed with safety as the number one priority and have many built in features to ensure users are well protected and comfortable. There are also a multitude of Gun Rack accessories available to customize and tailor your solution exactly the way you need it.


Firearm storage units protect, secure and control access to firearms and accessories. A firearms storage product differs from a safe because it is placed in an area which has its own indigenous security or natural security. Officers need to have their weapons handy when the situation demands. They also need to know that their weapon is secure for when they don’t need it. GLOBAL offers a wide variety of Gun Racks to meet the needs of your officers on the road.

Our Gun rack offerings are ergonomically designed to make your equipment easy to see, reach, and operate while creating additional space and comfort. We provide vehicle and mission specific Gun Racks that include:

·         Adjustable electronic locking mount    

·         High Security Trigger Guard

·         Partition Mount

·         Self Supporting

·         Ceiling Mount

·         Trunk Mount

·         Special Purpose Mount

·         Motorcycle Mount

·         Different styles of gun lock override keys: straight, vending, or handcuff

·         Timer and momentary switch to allow for immediate access when
the officer needs their weapon.

All of the console products we offer are:                                    

·         Designed for safety, strength and ergonomics

·         Long-term dependability and investment protection

·         Interchangeable and user-modifiable for flexibility and versatility;
easy to install & upfit with minimal maintenance

·         No reported incidents of in-vehicle secondary projectiles


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